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Searching for your Czech roots?

Come to a genealogy Melnar library dedicated to Czech genealogy research.

Our enthusiastic and caring staff is of Czech descent and is experienced in doing genealogy research.  We can help you get started on your research project and then let you explore on your own.  Many people love the thrill of the chase for clues to their ancestors, but we are there to help if you run into a problem or have a question.  Or if you prefer, we can do the research for you for a fee as long as you give us all the info you have to that point and let us know for what you are searching.



Please help collect information on Texas Czech community's culture and language by filling out this  questionnaire. Download:(pdf) (doc). You don't have to speak Texas Czech to participate, so if you are of Czech/Moravian descent and belong to ANY generation, please contribute! You can contact Lida directly at copel@ecu.edu. Should you prefer contacting her by regular mail,  please use the mailing address given in the questionnaire. Lida will share her results with us soon and will keep us informed.

We have a new, fully furnished, beautiful facility with access to Ancestry.com  that is available to the public at no charge.  We also have a growing microfilm library of Czech newspapers as well as newspapers from Fayette and Lavaca Counties.  Copies of articles of interest can be made at .25/copy.

Our library is uniquely stocked with books on immigration, villages of origin, village histories, ships lists and so much more.  We have an extensive collection of Czech Moravian Brethren Records of the baptisms, marriages and funerals in central Texas.

If you are fluent in the language, you will be happy to know that one half of our library is completely in Czech.  The books cannot be checked out but you are free to read to your heart’s content at one of the library tables or in a comfortable chair in the reading area. 

Laptops are welcome.

Come and “Czech” us out!


Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center
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